• Optimize Wealth Transfer With Annuity Maximization

    Annuity Maximization is a strategy that moves assets from an existing annuity to fund a life insurance policy. This can potentially increase the amount of money you leave to your heirs.

  • Which Programs Should You Consider to Cover Health Care Costs?

    With health care fees climbing, identifying a few ways to help meet those surging costs may provide you with peace of mind.

  • Leave a Larger Legacy Using IRA (RMD) Maximization

    If you don’t require the income from your annual IRA required minimum distributions (RMDs), you can reposition these distributions more tax-efficiently—and create more wealth for your heirs.

  • Planning for End-of-Life Costs with Your Legacy in Mind

    Establishing an end-of-life health care plan can protect the value of your legacy.

  • Maximize Long-Term Care Benefits Using an Existing Annuity

    Gain valuable tax benefits by replacing an unneeded annuity with a new one that offers long-term care coverage.

  • Long-Term Care: Impact on Family Caregivers

    While family caregiving can be a rewarding experience, the physical, financial, and emotional strain of assisting a loved one with social or health needs can have substantial impact on the caregiver—which is why long-term care planning is just as important for your family as it is for you.

  • Having a Long-Term Care Conversation with Aging Loved Ones

    The possibility of experiencing a long-term care event later in life is a real concern for retirees and their families. That’s why it’s important to have a productive discussion with your senior parents about long-term care needs while they are still healthy.

  • Account Protection at Janney

    Through every market condition, through every stage of your life—and your family’s life—Janney provides stability and coverage for the safety and security of your assets.

  • The Importance of “What if” Planning

    There is a basic rule that applies to personal finance: plan ahead. But “what if” planning can provide security and preparedness when the unexpected occurs.

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