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  • Outlook 2021: Mid-Year Update

    One can hardly prognosticate about matters of the economy and financial markets without acknowledging the role the vaccination campaign is having on consumer and business activity. Certainly, the news on that front is encouraging, and evidence of conditions returning to normal abound.

  • What we can learn today from the inflationary '70s

    Many of today’s market participants did not have to endure the inflation of the 1970s through early 1980s. Revisiting that era is useful, as for first time in many months, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) gave an indication of when it might consider changing credit policy.

  • Hot inflation summer

    The cool phrase for this season is the “Hot Vax Summer” (credit to John Oliver). One side effect, as we have seen from the last two months of CPI prints, is that summer 2021 is also turning into the “Hot Inflation Summer.”

  • Leading Indicators and Labor Market Conditions Support Optimism

    Stocks reached record highs again last week, as the incoming economic data remains consistent with an improving economy and higher profits.

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