• History Matters

    Once again, as has happened multiple times through the years, headlines are increasing about the potential ills of the U.S. running afoul of its debt limit.

  • Debt Ceiling Narrative Intensifies

    Now that the U.S. has reached its debt ceiling, discussion has intensified about the supposed dire conditions failing to raise the debt ceiling could produce.

  • Debt Ceiling Debate: What It Means for Bonds

    The “debt ceiling” is a legal limit set by Congress on the amount of total debt the U.S. Treasury Department maintains.

  • Further Signs of Economic Slowdown but Lower Inflation

    We continue to see receding inflation, a still-healthy labor market, but slowing economic momentum that should allow the Federal Reserve (Fed) to slow the pace of their interest-rate hikes.

  • Recession Physics—The More Than Equal and Opposite Reaction

    An old cliché says that the market has discounted nine of the last two recessions.

  • Debt Ceiling: Déjà Vu Again?

    A ceiling is supposed to put a limit on something. Congress, however, must think of a debt ceiling similarly to the way an aggressive driver views speed limits.

  • The Impact of Gold from a Diversification Standpoint

    Gold has long been considered a valuable hedge against equity bear markets and its low correlation with equities provides valuable portfolio diversification that has been consistent over time.

  • Fading Inflation Should Lead to a less-Aggressive Fed

    Stocks reacted favorably again last week to another lower inflation reading with December’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) falling for the sixth consecutive month on a year-over-year basis and the first monthly decline since June 2020.

  • January Investment Perspectives

    Our Investment Strategy Group offers commentary on reducing national debt, major fixed income themes from last year, and the economic factors weighing most heavily on investors in 2023.

  • Markets and Elections: Could Three Be Charming Again?

    The 2020 presidential election is behind us as is the midterm election, but election influence could be a key element of the stock market again this year.

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